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Cell ADVANCE Attribute

Cell ADVANCE Attribute

Every ZeeGrid cell has an ADVANCE attribute. The cell type is a numeric value that controls cursor movement after a cell is edited. The ADVANCE values and are defined as follows:

                 0 = Cursor stays on edited cell       
                 1 = Cursor advances to the right      
                 2 = Cursor advances down (default)    
                 3 = Cursor advances to the left       
                 4 = Cursor advances up                

The ADVANCE attribute is used to control cursor movement when editing cells. Every cell's default ADVANCE value is 2. This means that when the user edits a cell contents, then presses the [Enter] key to commit the change, the cursor advances to the cell below the cell that was edited. This cursor movement control only happens when a cell's contents are edited. If the cursor is on a cell, and the [Enter] key is pressed (without editing the contents), the cursor will always move to the cell below where the cursor was before [Enter] was pressed.

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