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Cell EDIT Attribute

Cell EDIT Attribute

Every ZeeGrid cell has an edit attribute. The cell edit is a numeric value that signifies the the cell's editing mode and are defined as follows:

                 0 = ReadOnly - Cannot be edited                     
                 1 = Editable with an edit control                   
                 2 = Editable with a droplist combobox               
                 3 = BOOLEAN editable by double-clicking             
                 4 = Date edit with date picker common control       
The only valid values are 0..4.

The ZeeGrid title (cell index 0) and the column header cells are never editable. These cells can only be changed programmatically.

Unless you change the default edit (ZGM_SETDEFAULTEDIT) cells are created with an edit value of 0, or ReadOnly.

Cells with an edit value of 1 or 2 can be edited by double-clicking the cell, or beginning typing when the ZeeGrid cursor is over the cell.

Cells with an edit value of 3 are edited by double-clicking the cell. This will toggle the cell type from 0 to 1 (FALSE to TRUE), or 1 to 0 (TRUE to FALSE) depending on its value before double-clicking. Editing a cell of this type can also be done with the keyboard by pressing the [Spacebar] key to toggle the cell between TRUE and FALSE.

ZeeGrid messages that relate to the edit attribute:

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