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Cell ICON Attribute

Cell ICON Attribute

Every ZeeGrid cell has an ICON attribute. The column header cells are the only cells that cannot display an icon.

Every ZeeGrid control maintains an icon palette of 128 icon handles (HICON). There are no predefined icons.

The only special case for the ICON cell attribute is the icon attribute value of 0. An icon attribute value of 0 means that the cell does not have, and will not display, an icon. Unless the ZeeGrid default is changed (ZGM_SETDEFAULTICON), the icon attribute of all new cells is 0, meaning no icon is displayed with the cell.

When an icon is displayed in a cell, it will be left justified against the left cell border.

The ZeeGrid message functions to set cell icons, use icon parameters that are indexes into the ZeeGrid icon palette. This allows every cell to have an icon from a selection of 127 possible icons and only require 1 byte of memory for the storage of the cell icon attribute.

Note: The built-in print function does not print icons.

ZeeGrid messages that are related to the ICON attribute:

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