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Cell NUMERIC Register

Cell NUMERIC Register

Every ZeeGrid cell has a NUMERIC register.

The NUMERIC register is an internal variable of type double. When a cell's numeric value is set, the value is cast to a double type and stored in this register. The text representation of this value is determined by other cell attributes and is displayed in the grid cell.

Programmatically, there are three ways to load a cell with a numeric value. The numeric value can be loaded as a text string, such as "3.14159" with ZGM_SETCELLTEXT. A program integer variable can be loaded with ZGM_SETCELLINT by referencing the integer program variable with a pointer to that variable, and a program double variable can be loaded with ZGM_SETCELLDOUBLE by referencing the double program variable with a pointer to that variable.

Also, if the cell is editable (EDIT attribute 1), the user can enter the numeric value from the keyboard.

ZeeGrid messages that are related to the NUMERIC register:

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