ZeeGrid Programming Reference


ZeeGrid License

ZeeGrid is made available free-of-charge for any application development. You are free to redistribute the binary file ZeeGrid.DLL and/or ZeeGridx64.DLLwith your application, and use the message header file ZeeGrid.h or any derivative thereof, provided all copyright information remains unaltered.

You may not publish, in any form, instructions, manuals, or tutorials on ZeeGrid usage. This only relates to ZeeGrid instructions, manuals, or tutorials in a development sense. ZeeGrid usage may be included in your own application instructions as it pertains to the user's view and interaction with ZeeGrid. Just to clarify; Discussion, code snippets, examples of ZeeGrid usage on user groups is fine. Writing and publishing an article or book such as "Using ZeeGrid in Win32 Applications" is not.

I do request that if ZeeGrid is used in a commercial or publicly distributed application, a mention of ZeeGrid and my name (David Hillard) be put in your Help/About dialog.

I would appreciate you letting me know what type of application ZeeGrid is being used in, and what language/platform was used in its development. It would also be interesting if you'd let me know what part of the world you're in. It would be cool to make a map graphic and put it on this site showing world-wide usage of ZeeGrid.

ZeeGridTMCopyright © 2002-2016 by David Hillard