ZeeGrid Control Message



An application sends a ZGM_ENABLECUT message to enable or disable the users ability to use [Ctrl+X] to cut the selected grid area from the ZeeGrid.

wParam = (WPARAM) (BOOL) fEnable;  //enable flag
lParam = 0;                        //not used; must be zero


Value of wParam. A value of TRUE will enable cutting the selected grid area from the ZeeGrid. A value of FALSE will disable cutting from the ZeeGrid.

Return Values

This message does not return a value.


Cutting is disabled by default. Only cells that have edit values of "1" can be cut. Cells that are cut revert to empty grid cells with default grid attributes. If copy is enabled, the selected area is copied to the Windows clipboard before the cut operation is performed on the selected cells of the ZeeGrid.

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