ZeeGrid Control Message



An application sends a ZGM_EXPORT message to save the ZeeGrid contents to a comma-delimited file.

wParam = (WPARAM)(DWORD) dwFlags;   //Optional flags
lParam = (LPARAM) lpszString;       //Optional filename


The value of wParam. If this value is zero, and lParam is zero, the user is prompted for the filename to export to. Optionally, the LOWORD of this value can specify the delimiter. The HIWORD of this value can specify special flags for the export operation. See the 'Remarks' section for explaination of the flags.

The value of lParam. If this value is zero, the user will be prompted with the save file dialog to name the exported file. If this value is a pointer to a null-terminated string, the ZeeGrid will export to the supplied filename.

Return Values

This message does not return a value.


The HIWORD of wParam can be a combination of the following flags:

	EF_FILENAMESUPPLIED  - Filename to export to is given in lParam
	EF_DELIMITERSUPPLIED - LOWORD of wParam is the character to use for the delimiter, otherwise use comma.
	EF_SILENT            - Export confirmation message is not displayed.
	EF_NOHEADER          - The data export begins with row 1 and does not export the column header row.

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