ZeeGrid Control Message



An application sends a ZGM_GETCDATE message to convert a given julian date into a date string in 'YYYY/MM/DD' format.

wParam = (WPARAM) (int) iJulianDate;   //julian date
lParam = (LPARAM) lpszString;          //pointer to string to return converted julian date as text in 'YYYY/MM/DD' format.


The value of wParam. A valid julian date in the range of [1..3068037]. Julian date 1 = 'Jan 1, 1600'. Julian date 3068037 = 'Dec 31, 9999'

The value of lParam. If the julian date supplied in wParam is valid, the julian date is converted to text in the 'YYYY/MM/DD' form and returned in the string pointed to by lParam.

The string must be previously allocated and have a minimum length of 11 characters. Failure to preallocate this string will result in undefined behavior, possibly resulting in data loss and/or program crash.

Return Values

This message returns TRUE if the julian date is valid, otherwise it returns FALSE.


Preallocate the string in lParam with at least 11 characters.

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