ZeeGrid Control Message



An application sends a ZGM_SHOWCOPYMENU message to enable or disable the display of the copy/paste context menu when the user right-clicks the selected cell or highlighted range of cells. If the setting is FALSE (disabled), the grid will post a ZGN_RIGHTCLICK message to the host application. If the setting is TRUE (enabled), the context menu is displayed, and the ZGN_RIGHTCLICK message is not sent to the host application.

wParam = (WPARAM) (BOOL) fEnable;  //enable flag
lParam = 0;                        //not used; must be zero


Value of wParam. A value of TRUE will cause the copy/paste context menu to be displayed with the user right-clicks the current cell or selected range of cells. A value of FALSE will inhibit the context menu from showing, and send a ZGN_RIGHTCLICK notification message to the host application.

Return Values

This message does not return a value.


This setting is enabled (TRUE) by default.

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